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An Android emulator for PC that has some potential, especially for playing mobile games

Nox Digital Entertainment Co. Limited |
updated on August 3, 2020


High-performance options for playing games
You are given control over system resources used
Plenty of tools on the side of the display


It can sometimes crash or core components within Android OS crash
Sometimes you'll be kicked out of your Google account
Price: $0.00
NoxPlayer is an Android emulator for Windows that can be downloaded for free. With it, you're able to install and use Android applications from the Google Play Store. Apps run smoothly for the most part, and if your processor supports virtualization technology, you'll be able to get very high frame rates in games.

It lets you decide the system resources you'd like to dedicate to it - the more you give it, the better it'll run. This feature makes it stand out when it comes to raw performance power in comparison with other Android emulators. However, you'll need a good PC to be able to make the most out of it.

When you're not already in an app, NoxPlayer can unfortunately be a little buggy at times. In some instances, the Google Play Services freeze up and shut down, forcing you back to the home screen. Sometimes apps force close, or the emulator kicks you out of your Google account.

When things do work, it is a great program. We found the tools on the right side of the screen to be very useful. Tools here include a built-in screen recorder, a drag n' drop tool for importing .apk files, and a GPS tool to change your devices location (useful for games like Pokémon Go).

In summary, NoxPlayer is a great Android emulator with a variety of helpful tools. There are times when performance can be inhibited by bugs, and that is it's only downfall.
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